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Austria | VAMPIRE
1st changedeath of body, fangs, sensitivity to sun | 1/3/15
2nd changethirst/scent for blood, fang growth | 1/15/15
3rd changered eyes, fangs fully grown | 2/28/15
4th changeclaws, sensitivity to silver | before 3/17/15
5th changeability to turn into a bat | 4/11/15
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Nov. 30th, 2014 10:06 pm
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Name: Stephanie
Contact: currymuttonpizza on plurk
Other Characters:

Character Name: Austria
Age: 1038
Canon: Hetalia
Canon Point: Modern day (2014)
Character Information:

On the outside, he can come off as a spoiled cat. Proud, even arrogant. No-nonsense, and has a hard time dealing with people who don't get straight to the point – he was shown losing patience while waiting in line at a supermarket, and also had low tolerance for wasting time when Italy was little and doing housework for him. Hypocritically, though, he takes his time doing things and makes people wait for him – when making artificial flowers with Spain, he was shown taking hours to make a single flower, while Spain completed several in a fraction of the time. When trying to figure out his costume for a Halloween event, he also had trouble communicating that he only found one Austrian ghost in his research, and if he went as that ghost he’d have to go naked. Both he and Germany were losing patience during the conversation because Austria refused to say it aloud for so long – one might say that Austria is so impatient with others not because he can do any better, but because he expects others to get things done for him. It is safe to say he is extremely entitled. If he's not being (not so subtly) passive-aggressive, he's brutally honest. Has a great heart, but will generally only show it through knowing glances and subtle deeds (like letting Italy have the day off after Holy Roman Empire left and doing the dishes himself)... at least to those with whom he is not as closely acquainted.

The people closest to him are Spain (formerly married but are still close), Hungary (also formerly married but still close, and historically speaking Austria favored Hungary over other lands in his empire, eventually giving her sovereignty when they were married and is shown quietly doting on her in canon even in modern times), Germany (who seems amicable but mostly tolerant of him, despite Austria's apparent fixation on him), Italy (whom he used to take care of, and who has been an on-and-off ally in wars, but with whom he shares a love for music and is friendly with) and Switzerland (with whom he has a very turbulent relationship due to their falling out centuries ago). He and Switzerland were originally very close friends as children (though Switzerland had to constantly save Austria from having been beaten up, especially by Hungary). They grew apart after Switzerland gave Austria the Habsburg family and Austria ended up marrying many of them off to gain power. Though Austria prided himself on his pacifism and avoiding war through special deals and arranged royal marriages, meddling in everyone's affairs was quite the opposite of what neutral Switzerland stood for - even though Switzerland sold military support to whomever would pay, he never took sides. Thus, their personalities clashed, and things were rocky ever since.

He has a tendency to be apathetic when it comes to misfortune, and at times a little bit insensitive. He also tends to wash his hands of things rather than taking responsibility. Historically speaking, he is known for getting others to do his "dirty work" - from getting Poland to help him win the Battle of Vienna (only to reluctantly agree to partitioning him a century later), to getting Russia to help stop the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 (only to refuse to help him in the Crimean War not even a decade later). As for placing blame on others, even leading up to the Second World War, the author noted that an overwhelming majority of Austrians were in favor of being annexed by and joining forces with Germany. But after it became clear that this was a Bad Idea, Austria as a nation largely blamed Germany despite the former enthusiasm, even for decades later. Though this isn't directly referenced in the series, it is heavily hinted at, and Austria is constantly blaming Germany for everyday things. In the Valentine’s Day strips, Germany tries to “practice” the romantic tips he'd read in a dating book, on Austria. Austria shows great disapproval after the fact, but Germany points out that Austria took off his pants on his own. Even while attending a Christmas party, Austria and Hungary arrive together late - he also inexplicably blames this on Germany, saying that "everything is Germany's fault anyway." He also shows somewhat of an indifference to those around him with certain matters, like when he elected a president who was an officer in the German army, despite several other nations’ disapproval. His nonchalance aggravates his colleagues, but honestly, he does what he wants.

He is rather vain. Himaruya has stated that his glasses are purely for aesthetic purposes, and he does not need them to see. Himaruya compared Austria’s glasses to his music – without them, he seems quite simple. His hair naturally falls straight (aside from his single hair curl) but he feels that this does not flatter him as it makes him look too unsophisticated, and so he styles his hair to make it look wavy – he started doing this in the equivalent of his early teens, when he began to gain power, and probably felt that he needed to be taken more seriously. When no one is around, he is actually quite lazy, sloppy, and has difficulty taking care of himself. After his divorce, Hungary was seen sneaking into his room to clean out of force of habit from their married days and from when she worked as his maid before then, and Austria wondered how his room cleaned itself. He also demanded that Germany act as a chair for him to sit on when he got too tired from walking a very short distance - Hungary heard of this and noted that it was a normal, expected occurrence. It is quite possible that he has weak legs (a character note indicates that he spent time in a wheelchair, though it is never explained) but it would seem that even if this is true, he takes advantage of it to get special treatment rather than putting in effort for himself. He gives an impression of being quite well put-together, but in reality is very scattered and has trouble taking care of himself.

He gets lost very easily and has a terrible sense of direction. He ended up getting lost in his own home because he couldn't find where the doorbell was, relying only on his keen, musical ears to figure out where his front door was. In the Valentine’s Day strips, Austria had planned on going out to purchase a valentine for Hungary (even though they were already divorced). Germany warned him that if he got lost, he wouldn’t be able to come pick him up. Upon hearing this, Austria sat back down, abandoning his plans and deciding instead to bake her the treats himself. Germany asked, “you were planning on getting lost?” It is such a common occurrence that Austria has already resigned himself to his terrible sense of direction, and it’s interesting to note that despite being perfectly capable of turning out flawlessly baked pastries, his first instinct was still to be lazy and just buy her one at the store. (Classy.) When Prussia decided it would amuse him to go to his friends’ houses to clean for them, Austria was found passed out cold on the couch after breakfast, and his underwear was all over the house. (He’s presented several times in canon as being “all about underwear.” There was this instance when Prussia wondered “what is it with him and underwear,” and another time a fan wrote in asking about the history of underwear. The topic was turned over to Austria to explain, since he was supposedly the expert. Austria did acknowledge his expertise, but he stressed that he wouldn’t go into vulgar details. Notably, even after these strips were released, a large number of bras and panties were unearthed at a real Austrian castle, dating back to centuries before they were previously believed to have been invented by the French. Can't argue with an archeological finding.)

He’s afraid of marine life. This is also never explained (although getting violated by a squid on track 8 of the first drama CD probably didn’t help).

Frugal as all get-out, but he values top quality on the finer things in life - pastry, music, trinkets, and performance spaces. He saves room for dessert - literally and figuratively. His savory dishes, while delicious, are quite simple. Desserts and pastries, however, are quite complex and often labor-intensive (and he tends to make a terrible mess of the kitchen when making them, as seen in the Valentine’s Day strips). He brought common sausages to the battlefield, though, so he doesn’t feel the need to be extravagant with savories (it impressed England, though, but that’s not saying much). Under the surface? Enormously passionate. Mostly this manifests itself in his love for music, and instead of losing his temper entirely when Germany allied with Italy, he chose to express his anger through the piano – and he looked quite satisfied with himself and relieved afterwards. It’s a catharsis for him. It is said that the true Viennese spirit is characterized by the following: "One eye laughing, the other eye weeping." He embodies this image perfectly to the public eye, and with the utmost class. And any crack in that shell of class and poise will make him feel quite insecure, even if it’s something as simple as Germany seeing him dropping a breakfast tray. In his boxers. (Which he blamed on Germany, naturally.) Furthermore, when he found out that France had taken candid photos of him around the house – sleeping, brushing his teeth, picking flowers, putting a bird on his head, a gratuitous crotch shot – he was so enraged that he felt the need to subject France to physical punishment.

He’s also a bit of a coffee addict. When there was a coffee shortage in Europe, Austria was shown looking extremely distressed. Germany managed to concoct dandelion coffee, which Italy liked, but there was no word as to whether or not Austria approved of it.

Himaruya noted how mysterious it was that though Germans and Austrians have the same roots, Germans are more hardworking and Austrians are more laid-back. Austria tends to focus too much time on his hobbies, rather than work. Austria is an incredible perfectionist, but he is too laid back to be very productive, as noted earlier in the story about making artificial flowers. It is tied into his laziness – he is often trying to get someone else to do his more mundane work for him, but somehow he has had enough time to hone his skills as a musician. Not that that’s invalid work! But it’s work that he wants to do, and it’s entirely on his own terms. And honestly, his skewed priorities show in his former foreign policy. Himaruya noted that Austria’s favorite way to solve problems was to marry off people (literally, the Habsburg motto was “Let others wage war – you, happy Austria, marry”). Austria has a history of finding others to do his work for him when he knows (or hastily declares) a weakness. He gained power as an empire through marriage, not through his own military strength – when those former allies and pawns turned on him, it left him with very little to fight back with since he never became strong himself. Despite this, he’s still shown in modern times suggesting marriage as a means to solve completely unrelated problems. (Possibly, he’s kidding; it’s never clarified. The point is, it’s not something he feels ashamed of in the least, even to this day after becoming neutral and having abandoned such a policy in practice.)

He is a bit of an authority on textbook romance (in practice? Not so much). In the Valentine’s Day strips, Austria is shown as being an avid reader of the dating advice book Germany bought. When Germany asks for more advice, Austria asks if he’s had any experience. Germany says he’s read romance novels, but Austria says that reality is not as sweet as fiction, indicating that he has experience on the matter. He is however proven wrong on his theories on how it would work in practice, because when Hungary read the book that he’d trusted, she thought the advice was very silly. It’s a bit ironic, considering he was an avid reader of the book and it is called “How To Treat Your First Partner,” and Hungary is conceivably Austria’s first partner (his intimacy with/attachment to Spain, his first marriage, is unclear, while he cares for Hungary enough to send her Valentines and to strip naked in order to buy her stupid animal hats), although it’s never specified. Based on this, it seems like he has at least a better instinct for romance than Germany (assuming he was competent enough for Hungary to still be surprised at some of the advice given in the book), but is fascinated enough to read about it in-depth. If one takes a look at his citizens, there is also a great deal of both academic and literary output on sexuality (Freud, Krafft-Ebing, and even Sacher-Masoch). Talking about it in general terms makes it "okay" to discuss. Sharing personal things? Absolutely not, how dare you. In preparation for Halloween 2013, Austria pushed the subject of wearing nothing at all for his costume a little bit too much, constantly clarifying that it would not be appropriate, but never letting the topic go - even suggesting that it might be okay if he were to sit on Germany's shoulders to cover up, which Germany rightfully retorted that it would look like there were two perverts instead of one. Prussia later mocked him for trying to show up naked, suggesting that he still pushed the subject even after talking with Germany alone. Likely, he was seeking someone else's approval - likely, so that he could escape personal blame if anyone thought it to be improper.

He has a few obsessive-compulsive traits. He is a bit of a hoarder, hanging on to old belongings and becoming upset if he sees someone else not doing the same – directly related to the aforementioned frugality. He was shown throwing a fit when Germany threw out old underwear, saying that Franz Joseph would be ashamed if he saw it - a nod to the emperor's extremely frugal nature. He then proceeded to take the underwear and patch it up himself. This might indicate a bit of skill in sewing, but the patch looked pretty obvious and tacky when he gave it back to him to wear. He also mentioned that Beethoven counted exactly sixty beans in every coffee cup, which he declared was a quintessentially Austrian trait.

All in all, his stuffy exterior can’t quite be called a façade, as it isn’t insincere. Poise and glamorous aloofness come naturally to him. But he does take great pains to hide his laziness, sloppiness, and general dependency on others to take care of him. He is getting better at taking care of himself! Being on his own is relatively new in his long history - declaring neutrality in 1955 after having been an empire for so many centuries up until 1918, fully embracing the pacifism that he went about the wrong way with in the past, but due to the Cold War, cutting him off from contact with most of his former lands for several decades after. Now that that separation is over, he is coming into his own without feeling isolated. But if there’s someone around to do things for him, it’s all too easy for him to default to being the spoiled child he was back in his empire days.

5-10 Key Character Traits:
-Musically/artistically talented (keen ears as well as the ability to entrance an audience through performance)
-Lazy, weak, not outdoorsy or athletic at all
-Dependent and entitled
-Pacifist, not aggressive at all and reluctant to use violence, especially now after having declared neutrality
-Awful sense of direction
-Feels the need to either conceal or transform (i.e. through music) his more passionate or caring feelings
Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, or EITHER? FITS, please!
Opt-Outs: Arachne, Naga, Werewolf, Werebear, Minotaur

Roleplay Sample:
[Austria had been practicing for hours. By then, his hands felt almost numb. Weightless would be more accurate. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off, but he didn’t know quite what. It wasn’t like any sort of emotional disturbance he’d experienced in the past, so it couldn’t be chalked up to some sort of political or economic mishap he had yet to hear of directly from his officials. And while he was grateful to be able to sense that no, he wouldn’t be doubled over with nausea yet again due to the Euro crisis, he still could not pinpoint what was wrong.

Was he lonely? Surely not – he knew that feeling all too well. This wasn’t so gloomy or hopeless – it was foreboding.

Through that realization, though, he came to discover how alone he was all of a sudden. The air felt cooler around him, and he reached into the closet to find an old jacket – an old, charcoal gray wool one he’d had for at least thirty years, but despite the slightly musty smell, nothing was better than it in terms of comfort. After closing the blinds and trying to rub warmth back into his hands, he decided it was time to get in touch with an old friend. Although he wasn’t feeling lonely, perhaps company could distract him from this premonition.

Of course, it was an answering machine.]

Spain. Hello. I believe it’s been a few months since we last spoke. I – well, not counting the last world meeting of course. I… [He cleared his throat.] I was calling to ask if you were free to meet for coffee later, or dinner. And no, I’m quite all right, nothing is wrong, [the words are almost snapped, as if there were someone on the other end ready to ask what the matter was, and he was catching them before they could] I just think it has been far too long since we’ve been able to catch up. Outside of business. I’m rather bored with business, aren’t you? I’ve been having a bit of cabin fever, so if you wouldn’t mind, I’d prefer coming to see you. I’m available for the next few days if an overnight visit is an option. I was hoping perhaps we could delve into an old book, for old times’ sake. The Decameron? Give me a call back, if you will. No rush.

[He hung up the phone, regretting adding those last two words, lest they be taken seriously instead of modestly. Hopefully, knowing Spain, he’d have no regard for them anyway, and be showering him with attention and offering to pick him up as soon as he got the message. And, hopefully, he'd have his appetite back by the time any dining plans were made.]
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Austria's Mailbox

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Austria's Mailbox

Please leave mail here.
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Rating: PG...13? 15? It's mature, but it's definitely not R-rated. Just stupidly suggestive.
Characters: Austria, Hungary, some fangirl music critic
Summary: Austria reads a review for a concert he performed. Gets mortified for revealing more than he'd like of his innermost thoughts. Takes place in the early 1990s. Spinoff of an RP with [personal profile] hagyjbeken from like over a year ago. IDEK.

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Hello. You have reached the Republic of Austria. I'm currently unavailable at the moment but if you leave a message I will return it as soon as I am able. Thank you.


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